My Brain is Full!

First of all – we are still waiting patiently for lambs to be born – if you have been waiting and were afraid you missed it – you haven’t.

Second – I am just back from attending the American Sheep Industry Conference in San Antonio, TX.  What a great opportunity!  Thanks for believing in me Frederick County Sheep Breeders and Maryland Sheep Breeders!  I have a full brain and have started to organize my thoughts and get it down in writing.  Lots of notes to decipher.

Third – I have just added the February Fiber Study to the Products section.   Check it out!

Lastly – I will be adding classes to the calendar – check back here or on facebook for details.

Stay warm and upright out there folks!  Cold and slippery here in Maryland!

Until next time – “Keep Spinning in Circles”

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