New Life on the Farm! Lambing Season 2020

It all began last fall, as these things do.  A polite, competent 4-H member who leases the perfect ram and goes on to win Reserve Champion Ram with him approaches you in the fiber tent.  With a soft spoken, “Miss Patty, can I talk to you?”, you say yes.  Even though you had absolutely no plans to breed sheep this year, much less add a ram to your flock, you find yourself reaching for your checkbook to see if you can continue her dream.

So yes, I bought a ram.  A really nice ram. His name is “Chip”.  I bought him so that a 4-H member could possibly have a shot at showing him again the following fair as a yearling.  I bought him because, if you know me, I will do just about anything “For the Children”.

I am not sorry I bought him.  I am not sure she will have a chance to show him due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  But I own a ram that has so far proven his weight in gold.

This years’ lambing was a huge success!

This handsome ram with a stunning fleece that shines bright in the field has fathered a fabulous crop of 14 lambs out of 9 ewes.  Wait for it, out of 14 lambs, 11 of them were ewe lambs!  That’s outstanding!  His genetics have carried through and they are all strong and beautiful.  All but one of these lambs is white despite the fact that 3 of the mothers are natural colored (brown or black).  I cannot wait to see these lambs grow.

Chip is a gentleman and has proven to be a great companion for our Scottish Highland Cow, Liesl.  They appear to be having some sort of strange love affair.  They can be found snuggling in the shade of the mulberry trees in the early afternoon, chewing their cud.  Content to have each other.  There are lessons there!

I will be sharing stories of life on the farm.  I hope you enjoy following along!