Moving forward… While standing still

This week on the farm I came to realization that things are fine.  I’m fine. The family is fine.  The animals are fine.  It’s going to be ok.

So, I started moving forward in a meaningful way.

I have scheduled some online meetings.

I have reached out to the youth I see at fairs and festivals that are also looking for meaningful ways to spend their days.  The words I hear from just about every “kid” I’ve talked to is that they miss their friends.  Their mother’s have said the same exact thing.

“Whatever Wednesdays”, which was a monthly event, will now be a weekly event for the foreseeable future.  Think of an old-time knitting bee or sewing circle or quilting bee.  That’s us.  In person it looked like this: bring “whatever” you are working on, bring “whatever” food you want to share, bring “whatever” open bottle of wine you have… basically, “Whatever”!  It gets loud, we laugh, we groan, we commiserate, we laugh some more, we unwind.  It’s a great group of women.  I miss seeing them in person, but this is nice for now.

A new companion event will start this week, “Tuesday’s Together”.  This is a youth gathering.  Moms are of course invited, but this is planned as a place for your fiber loving young’uns’ to have time to get help with a project, learn a new skill, to share what they are working on.  Basically, to unwind, just like the adults-only group on Wednesdays do.

So, with the majority of the world feeling like it is limbo.  I am moving forward with adding some things you can count on.  A brief bit of stability.  It’s what this farm girl needed.  Maybe you do too.  I hope you decide to join in.  Just send me an e-mail.  ([email protected])