Opening Up – or not –

This past week has been confusing for me.

The Governor says – let’s ease some of the restrictions.  The County Executive said – not so fast.  I said – I’m definitely not ready.

Here’s the thing as I see it – I’ve got a million things to do here on the farm.  I always do this time of year.

The gardens need planting and weeding and tending to

The potted plants need water every morning and night

The flock needs to be monitored for parasite issues and overall health

The lambs are growing and are just too much fun to watch

The grass needs to be mowed

The dogs need me to throw them a ball and scratch their bellies

The cats need me to create a lap for them

There are new recipes to try

There is yarn to create

There are fleeces to skirt

There are sunrises and sunsets to admire

There are friends to catch up with

As I said, a million things to keep me busy.  Honestly, my life isn’t all that different except instead of going to festivals and fairs with my spinning wheel in tow I am hosting meetings virtually and sharing the love of what I do in a different way.  A sweet added bonus?  I get to do all of it right here, in my comfort zone, on my terms… with a sweet dog at my feet.

Perhaps I’ll just open up in the figurative sense.