New Year Big News – here on the farm

Well here it is, the beginning of a New Year.  I am beyond excited to see what this year holds in store for me.  I am a firm believer in shaping my own destiny so here it goes – 2018 – LOOK OUT!  I am ready for the challenge!

After nine years of farming I have learned lots about myself…mainly about my limitations.

I have downsized my flock to 11 sheep and one Scottish Highland Heifer.  More downsizing is likely to happen.  This in no way means I am done doing what I love.  Just acknowledging my physical weaknesses to allow my other talents to shine!!!! 

This website is going to be a big part of me being able to share my talents with you.  I will be posting upcoming events and classes as well as updates on the daily shenanigans that occur here “on the farm”.

This month I will launch the first installment of a monthly fiber study – each month I will ship out 4 ounces of clean fiber of a specific breed, a fact sheet about that breed, tips on uses for the fleece from that breed and a form for you to record your own notes, findings and samples from the fleece.  The monthly fee for this study will be $30.00 including shipping.  The first month also includes a binder to hold everything in one place. 

Look for future announcements of other launches!  This year will be full of surprises!!!

None of this would be possible without this website and I am excited to finally have it up and running.  A huge thank you to Donald Huscha, otherwise known as, “That IT Guy”.  If anyone needs an honest, hard working, capable IT Guy, he’s the one for you!  Let’s face it, if he can make it simple enough for me to use he can help anyone!


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