Kumbaya…. I wish

Imagine a world where everyone did the right thing all of the time.
A world where if someone needed something and you had extra you would step up
and share. Not because you expected something in return, but because it was the
right thing.

If someone needed a friend, you would give an hour of your time to talk to them.
Not for you, but because it was the right thing and could definitely improve
someone’s day.

When you saw an injustice, you weren’t afraid to step in and do what you could to
help. Even if it made you uncomfortable to do so.

I find myself silently wishing for the younger me at summer camp. Zero
responsibilities except to follow the rules and be kind to others.

I would be so happy if the world worked that way now… or if I were still innocent
enough to believe it was ever that way at all.

I’d like to think I still live my life as I did at summer camp. I am a rule follower. I
am kind. Summer camp was perfect for me and me for it.

Am I stubborn and opinionated and cautious and scared – YES!

I love a good dialogue. I love a spirited debate. I love being shown I am wrong.
Yeah, you read that right. By allowing for discussions of uncomfortable subjects I
am growing as a person. My perspectives are shifting. My privileged life is fading
into a gentle, humble understanding of my real place in the world.

I hope I never stop learning about others and the challenges we all have faced. We
all have faced something.

I hope I never walk away from a discussion because I am uncomfortable.

I hope those I discuss things with know that I respect them. When I dig my heels
in, I hope they push back. I hope those on the other side of a discussion are able to
show me another point of view.

Let’s all just go back to the campfire and sing a round of Kumbaya when we’re done the discussion and 45 Best Campfire Songs That Everyone Will Love - Cool of the Wildremember to be humble and kind and follow the rules.