This week on the farm has seen a lot of growth.

The seeds we have sown are growing.  There is a chance we will have one meals worth of peas.  This has taken tremendous faith and optimism and diligence.  But I love peas enough to do the hard work.  To change what I have done in the past.  To try new approaches.  To listen to what the peas need.  To give them those things they ask for.

Do I wish I had more peas?  YES!  I will rely on others who are also growing peas to help me bring them home.

Now – change the word “peas” to “Peace”.

My message is the same.

Our country divided is going to take this same type of faith, optimism, and diligence to grow and change.  I love peace enough to do my part.  To face my opinions and listen to others.  To be more tolerant of attitudes forged by history and listen to what my friends need.  To be willing to try new approaches.  To help grow peace.  I cannot do this alone. I will rely on others to help bring peace.

Do I wish there were more peace right now across the globe?  YES!!!!

I will do my part.  Will you?