All in-person classes and events have been canceled until further notice due to COVID-19. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope everyone is staying safe!

Weekly Virtual Events!

Title of Event Description
Tuesdays Together This is a youth gathering. Moms are of course invited, but this is planned as a place for your fiber loving young’uns’ to have time to get help with a project, learn a new skill, to share what they are working on.  Basically, to unwind, just like the adults-only group on Wednesdays do.
Whatever Wednesdays An event hosted virtually and weekly. We will work on whatever project you have and unwind talking to others who share your interest in fiber!

To join either virtual event, email [email protected]

Newest Virtual Event!

Spinning in Circles – Tour de Fleece 2020 – Part 1

21 Days of Spinning (over 23 calendar days) Schedule

6-27-20 Day 1: Flat – 156No description available.

6-28-20 Day 2: Mountain – 187

6-29-20 Day 3: Flat – 198

6-30-20 Day 4: Hilly – 157

7-1-20 Day 5: Flat – 183

7-2-20 Day 6: Hilly – 191

7-3-20 Day 7: Flat – 168

7-4-20 Day 8: Mountain – 140

7-5-20 Day 9: Mountain – 154

7-6-20 REST DAY

7-7-20 Day 10: Flat – 170

7-8-20 Day 11: Flat – 167

7-9-20 Day 12: Hilly – 218

7-10-20 Day 13: Mountain – 191

7-11-20 Day 14: Flat – 197

7-12-20 Day 15: Mountain – 175

7-13-20 REST DAY

7-14-20 Day 16: Mountain – 164

7-15-20 Day 17: Mountain – 168

7-16-20 Day 18: Mountain – 168

7-17-20 Day 19: Flat – 160

7-18-20 Day 20: INDIVIDUAL TIME TRIAL – 36

7-19-20 Day 21: Flat – 122



I hope you all enjoy this event and decide to join again next year!

This year’s event will look very different – in many ways.

First, this is Part I of the Tour – being held on the dates the Tour de France was supposed to originally be run.  We will also honor the second set of dates in August and again if it is moved out even further, (there has been a bit of chatter about this – I am keeping an eye on it).

Second, I will be hosting Zoom check ins with all our participants.

Third, we will handle Part I as a warm-up for Part II – I have included the distances in Km on each day as well as the type of terrain.  My suggestion is to create your own challenge using this information.  I will likely try to spin at least that many minutes a day.  I will choose something to spin or a method of spinning I find more challenging on the Mountain days.  I will spin something comfortable on the Flat days.  You get the idea.

Let’s make the most of having at least twice as many days to spin!

Zoom meetings will be held as follows: Feel Free to join in on any or all of these meetings – send me a message for the login information. 

Monday mornings – 9am to 10:30 am for those who prefer mornings

Wednesday evenings – 5pm to 8pm during the “Whatever Wednesday” meetings

Saturday mornings – 7am to 8:30 am for those early risers who want to kick off the weekend with some hearty laughter.

Since there is no prescribed structure to Part I of the tour.  I will be asking for a silent vote of the winner for this round.  You will be able to send in your vote for the participant that you feel made the most of this crazy COVID event.  You may vote based on any criteria you desire.  I will award 3 winners.  You may send in a first, second and third place vote.  I will tally them and announce on July 26, 2020 at Noon.